Wellness Alliance for Total Children’s Health (WATCH) of Denton County

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Vision: Because every child deserves hope, the Denton County community dedicates its unified resources to equip our children to reach their full potential mentally, physically and socially to achieve their maximum personal success.

When the coalition was formed in 2011, coalition members chose to focus on improving the mental health of children. The Wellness Alliance for Total Children's Health (WATCH) of Denton County is a collaboration of both public and private organizations and individuals who are invested in the total wellness of Denton County's children. WATCH currently works to increase awareness of and access to mental health services in Denton County. Mental health coexists with many other health issues such as bullying and obesity. Increasing awareness and access are important for helping families recognize and manage mental health issues1.

1Cook Children's (2018). Community Health Needs Assessment: Community-wide Children's Health Assessment and Planning Surveys

Strategic plan objectives

  • Engage Denton County community to improve children's health.
  • Sustain a strong network of quality mental health services to support families and children.
  • Increase access to information and resources for children, parents and community members.
  • Monitor children's health issues for Denton County children to allow for informed decision making.

Our focus areas

  • Okay to Say™ – Initiated by Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, Okay to Say™ fuels open conversations about mental health and encourages Texans to speak up and share hope to support friends and family with a mental health concern.
  • Children's Feelings Are a Work of Art – A collaboration with partners and community organizations to raise awareness about children's mental health in Denton County. WATCH encourages children and teens across the county to participate in this art contest as we recognize the importance of children's mental health to every person in our community.
  • WATCH Wellness Workshops – Educational opportunities for parents and community members, as well as professionals serving children and families. WATCH hosts ongoing Wellness Workshops on a variety of children's mental health topics.

Coalition resources

Join our coalition

  • Connect with the community and serve as a resource for children's mental health.
  • Partner with local organizations to develop & promote children's mental health campaigns.
  • Network and education opportunities.

Questions or comments

Alisa Quimby

If you have any questions or would like more information about our program, please email Alisa Quimby.