Hood County for Healthy Children (HC4HC)

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Vision: Hood County is a community where children are safe, secure, healthy and have a strong sense of self-worth.

When the coalition formed in 2011, coalition members chose to address child abuse prevention as their topic of focus. They do this by implementing programs to support positive parenting. Protective factors for healthy families include a supportive family network, support for basic needs, nurturing parenting skills, and communities that support parents and take ownership in preventing child abuse1. Positive parenting supports a child's physical and social-emotional development and lifelong well-being. Childhood development affects academics, eating habits, relationships, and risk behaviors. Positive parenting is impacted by a parent's knowledge, as well as their social, economic, & environmental factors.

1The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. (2019). National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Division of Violence Prevention.

Strategic plan objectives

  • Engage Hood County community to improve children's health.
  • Increase community awareness about good parenting and healthy children to support families and children.
  • Develop collaborations to support good parenting and healthy children.
  • Monitor and support children's health issues and community initiatives to reinforce a safe, secure and healthy community for children.

Our focus areas

  • Parent Cafés - small, intimate settings that allow the opportunity to talk about their parenting successes and challenges, engage with others, share ideas and learn proven parenting tips and techniques. Parent café facilitator trainings are a 4-hour course led by a licensed professional in the community to train community members in the parent café model and teach facilitation skills.
  • Child Abuse Prevention Month - in April, community partners come together to raise awareness of child abuse and encourage local organizations to support positive family environments.

Coalition resources

Join our coalition

  • Connect with the community and serve as a resource for child abuse prevention.
  • Help children and families foster positive relationships.
  • Network and education opportunities.

Questions or comments

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