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Donations are greatly appreciated and help us do more outreach across our community. Want to help save the smile of a child? Use the form below.


Save A Smile Dentists How to Donate"We received help financially, and part emotional, because I was frustrated to see my daughter not eating because of her pain and I like a mother I felt bad, and with the help that you provided, you marked a big difference in my daughter, she is another person now she used to eat a little, now this day she could eat twice macaroni, and before she could not do that because of her pain, I give thanks to God for Save a Smile."
– Parent of Save a Smile participant

"I give thanks to the Save a Smile program for helping my children with their dental appointments it is a big help to families. Also thanks to the staff they are very friendly. I am very grateful for the program thanks for everything. I hope the program continues to help more and more children to have a better smile. Also thanks to the dentist who give their time to help our children. Thank you!!!"
– Parent of Save a Smile participant

"He received help and he was taught how to brush his teeth, use dental floss, his teeth were cleaned and he had a filling done. Thanks very much to the dentists of Save a Smile, and [CHW] she is the one who help with transportation for my children to the dentist. Thanks."
Parent of Save a Smile participant

Note: The verbatim stories come directly from the patient's family and have not been corrected for grammatical and spelling errors.

For more information contact Tonya K. Fuqua, D.D.S., Save a Smile program director at 682-885-6731 or email