Dental health parent resources

Healthier teeth for healthier kids

Children's Oral Health Coalition Tarrant County Dental ResourcesThe Children's Oral Health Coalition is working hard in the community to educate parents on the importance of caring for their children’s mouth and the impact their children’s oral health can have on their overall health.

Being a parent can be overwhelming. You have so many things to focus on when caring for your child. There are six key messages or areas to keep in mind when caring for your children's oral or dental health. We've tried to make it simple by grouping our resources by the different six categories.

Dental information for pregnant women

Did you know that the oral health of your child begins when your child is still in the womb? Learn why:


Start early

Caring for your child's mouth starts before they get their first tooth. Learn more:


Brush regularly

Experts recommend brushing your teeth for 2 minutes, 2 times a day. Learn more:


Visit the dentist

Visiting the dentist regularly is key to a healthy mouth. Learn more:


Eat healthy

What your child eats affects their dental health, as well as their overall health. Learn more:


You can catch a cavity

Germs that cause cavities can be passed from parent to child. Learn more: