Johnson County focusing on childhood obesity prevention.

Johnson County

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Johnson County Alliance for Healthy Kids (JCAHK)

Vision: Johnson County, a community choosing healthy habits to build healthy generations.

According to CCHAPS 2009, 10,631 (33 percent) Johnson County children are overweight or obese. When we asked parents if their children do NOT typically eat healthy meals, the number of positive responses we received (19.04%) was somewhat alarming.

The number of parents who were concerned that their child was overweight or obese was lower than the region average (9.5 percent versus 11.1 percent), an indication when coupled with the incidence of childhood obesity in Johnson County, that parents may need community education and support for this issue.

Health Literacy – Is your message understood?

We recently covered this topic in our latest Regional Workshop. Health literacy is the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.

Johnson County Alliance for Healthy Kids CCHAPS 2015 Data

The Center for Children's Health is pleased to share the results of the Johnson County Alliance for Healthy Kids 2015 data report.

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