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The Decade of the Child: Healthy Children 2020

How to get involved...

Take Action Photo - little girl in habitrailChildren's health issues are so complex that making a significant difference is a grand journey. It is a journey that is best taken with the right equipment and with the right company. The Center for Children's Health journey is just beginning and will evolve over time. By providing a framework needed to tackle community issues, community members have tools and resources to initiate action.

Thanks for working to make a difference in the life of a child!

An Ecosystem model for children's health

Ecosystem models are used to understand complex systems, such as the health of children, where many parts are free agents and not predictable. Everyone within the system comes with their own ideas/agendas. The way the parts come together can't be controlled. While there is no recipe for a complex system, there are guidelines and lessons to be learned.

Ecosystem model for children's health graph

We have developed an ecosystem model to better understand the many factors, organizations and individuals that have a role in children's health.