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Become a physician champion

Be a physician champion


Getting results

Be a physician championWhile we know a great deal about child morbidity and mortality, quantitatively defining "the health of every child in our region" is a challenge. Through the Community-wide Children's Health Assessment and Planning Survey [CCHAPS] , we have an unprecedented look at parent's perceptions and descriptive survey response data about their children from birth to age fourteen living in our immediate 6-county region. The results from the 2009 and 2012 surveys are available for review along with a wealth of health information and resources. Meanwhile plans are well underway for CCHAPS 2015.

The Center for Children's Health [C4CH] was established to provide the infrastructure needed to build on the CCHAPS results by working to understand and communicate the survey results. The Center works to develop and sustain long-term programs which look for evidence-informed ways to improve the health and wellness of the children we serve. The Center also works in the community with numerous coalitions led by Cook Children's and collaboratively with a host of others. The goal of C4CH is to work in collaboration to make our region the healthiest place to raise a child with the driving initiative, known as Healthy Children 2020, having seven critical focus areas: childhood asthma, child weight and lifestyle, mental health, dental health, safety from accidental injury, safety from maltreatment and access.

Physician champions
One of the most significant hallmarks in the Center's progress and early success is the involvement of the physicians in Cook Children's Physician Network. We could not do it without their support and welcome the support of others.

Examples include:

And, these examples do not begin to do full justice to the efforts of all our physicians to incorporate health and wellness into their medical practices.

Help us help you

Our seven targeted children's health issues can't be successfully addressed by any one practice or health care system acting alone. They are real evidence that it does, in fact, "take a village."

This begs larger questions like:

Please contact Larry Tubb or Jose Gonzalez, M.D. if you have answers to these questions and would like to get involved!

We cannot do this without you!