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CCHAPS Update and Timeline

CCHAPS update and timeline

CCHAPS Update Photo - child holding CCHAPS signThe Community-wide Children's Health Assessment & Planning Survey (CCHAPS) began as an exhaustive, ground-breaking endeavor, and blossomed into a massive effort across six counties. This effort helped hone in on specific child health issues, while making measurable impacts in the areas that affect our children the most.

In 2007, Cook Children's launched CCHAPS to identify the top children's health needs in its service area. Realizing that an undertaking this large could not be done alone, Cook Children's began building partnerships to help us improve the health of every child in our region by the year 2020. The survey found that the key issues our children face are:

Since the release of the 2009 survey, Cook Children's staff has hosted numerous community events designed to share the findings from the 2009 survey and facilitate collaboration at the community level.

Creation of county coalitions

After the release of the first survey, a Regional Outreach Services team within the Community Health Outreach department of Cook Children's was created. Each of the outlying counties (Denton, Hood, Johnson, Parker and Wise) is assigned to a Regional Outreach Coordinator. The coordinators are responsible for bringing together key stakeholders dedicated to improving the health and well-being of children ages 0-14. The addition of these staff members led the way for the foundation of coalitions in each of these counties.

Once the coalitions were founded, members analyzed the results from the 2009 CCHAPS specific to their county and chose an issue on which to focus.