Children’s safety and accidental injury data in North Texas



Six-county profile

Safety sign in grassAccidental injuries in children occur regardless of the child's general health and are not related to the parent's income or education. Caucasians and boys are at the greatest risk.

In our six-counties for 2015, only half of the children wear bike helmets and 12.5 percent of children have and injury requiring medical care annually.

Below are the percentages of parents who reported their child (ages 0-5) had an accidental injury requiring medical attention during the previous year (2015):

Safety and prevention information and resources

The Safe Kids Tarrant County coalition current focus

Based on local/regional data, community needs assessments and the ability of Safe Kids Tarrant County (SKTC) to make a positive impact, current focus areas are:

If you are interested in getting involved in what’s going on in your county, please email:

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