Denton County focusing on children’s mental health

Denton County

Focusing on improving the mental health of children in Denton County

Because every child deserves hope, the Denton County community dedicates its unified resources to equip our children to reach their full potential mentally, physically and socially to achieve their maximum personal success.

Learn about WATCHThe 2009 CCHAPS data shows us that 10.5 percent or 14,506 children in Denton County received assistance for a mental illness or a behavioral, emotional or developmental problem. This percentage is much higher than the total percentage for our six-county region and the state and national average.

Taking action:

Based on the system of care model, WATCH has chosen to develop a web site aimed at increasing awareness and improving access to mental health care services in Denton County. The guiding principles of systems of care are:


The Center for Children's Health is pleased to share the results of the WATCH 2015 data report.

WATCH Wellness Workshops

Health professionals, parents and anyone concerned about children's mental health are invited to attend our Feburary workshop: Strengthening family voices and support.

Families are a key component of supporting children with mental health needs. Often times, in order to help the child, the whole family must be supported. Learn to empower families to find their voice, identify their family's priority and ocnnect them with community support.

WATCH Wellness Workshop Resources

WATCH Wellness Workshop November 2014: Children's mental health needs: symptoms and strengths

Dr. Claudette Fette:

Dr. Lisa Pierce:

If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, please call 911.

If you or someone you know needs help, please reach out. People you can talk to might include:

For additional resources, click here.

Visit the WATCH web site for resources to help improve the mental health of children in Denton County.

For more information, contact Courtney Barnard, coordinator, Regional Outreach Service, Community Health Outreach, Cook Children’s, at 682-885-3070 or