Asthma 411

Asthma 411 is a school-based program to improve the health of students with asthma in Tarrant County. Cook Children's, along with UNT Health Science Center, SaferCare Texas, JPS/Acclaim Physician Group and several Tarrant County school districts, work together to:

  • Equip school nurses with the necessary training and resources needed to quickly respond to a child in respiratory distress
  • Enhance school asthma services
  • Support prevention-oriented care

Through the program, a school nurse can quickly assess a student who is having difficulty breathing and administer nebulized albuterol to help the child breathe easier.

In collaboration with the school districts and schools, Asthma 411 staff members track attendance information and other data to better understand the current impact of asthma and evaluate Asthma 411's effectiveness. They provide results of these evaluations to districts and work with them to identify improvements that will reduce the impact of asthma on students and schools.


Questions or comments

If you have any questions or would like more information about our program, please email Courtney Barnard.